tonight you're gonna go down in flames

Misery outtake: Needful Things

Misery (the Bad Medicine remix) epilogue/outtake: Needful Things

A/N: Written especially for the lovely roque_clasique, because she asked so nicely and I have zip-o self control. As in, I used to have some, but I took a Zippo lighter to it, so now I don’t have any left. It only took me FIVE MONTHS to write it for her, too! Please hold your applause. 

Also for a hoodie_time meme #5 prompt, also by roque, because apparently all I need to finish writing a ficlet is an actual real prompt. I should apply this to my term papers next semester. 

The original story is here, and probably necessary for understanding this scene. :)

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knives or guns

"Running With the Devil"

“Running With the Devil”

Prompt (by maypoles): A supernatural creature (or human with supernatural powers) is out to punish sinners. The punishment for each person is what that person secretly thinks they deserve. What does Dean think he deserves? Any genre/pairing.

Summary: S3 (post 3.09, “Malleus Malificarum”)/AU S5. Sam said yes. The repercussions reverberate back to the past.

A/N: No clue what happened with this prompt. Title from the song by Van Halen. Written for the hoodie_time Dean-focused h/c comment-fic meme #5

Wordcount: 1500

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tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"Freedom at Point Zero"

“Freedom at Point Zero”

Prompt (by mad_server): Dean gets sick after the Jefferson Starship incident. Sam and/or Bobby watch him like a hawk. Written for the Running Hot feverfic meme, hosted by ariadnes_string

A/N: Um… angstier than I was intending, sorry! I'm excising it by proxy. Title from the Jefferson Starship album of the same name.

Wordcount: 1000ish

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tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"Losing My Religion"

“Losing My Religion”

Prompt (by jesseofthenorth for silverbullets): Oh brother where art thou

A/N: Coda to 2.22, “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II.” Angstyyyness. Title is taken from the song by R.E.M. Many thanks to the lovely i_speak_tongue for handholding and reassuring me that I COULD indeed write schmoop. 

Wordcount: 1100ish

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knives or guns

i'm not there

Dearest Flist,

Just writing to say that I'm going to have to be scarce around here for a while, starting now and lasting until JUNE SIXTH. I don't know if anyone has brushed up on their history lately, but that is the new and improved date of D-Day. Don't believe all that hype... hang on. OH MY GOSH, GUYS, I JUST LOOKED IT UP AND JUNE SIXTH IS THE ACTUAL DATE OF D-DAY. I WAS GOING TO BE ALL FACETIOUS AND SUCH BUT I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO BE. IT REALLY, TRULY IS. WHAT ARE THE ODDS. WHAT.

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tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"The Returned"

“The Returned”

Summary: When the Winchesters get a call from a Mob boss up in Boston, they know that this salt'n'burn is going to be one hell of a ride- that is, if they make it out alive.

Frank Costello's being taunted by the deaths of rival mafia members from his past, so in order to evade being next on the post-bucket bucket list, he calls in the "Ghostbusters." Billy Costigan gets saddled with being the boys' handler for the duration of the case, and the parallels that he sees between his own life as an undercover cop and what the boys do gives everyone a little perspective. 

Written for the spn_cinema fic challenge, for the movie "The Departed." (Aka, crossover fic: SPN/The Departed.) 

Co-authored with the lovely i_speak_tongue, whose hilarity and knowledge of Boston geography (and ACCENTS! Mustn't forget those!) were invaluable. 

Wordcount: 7600

Authors’ Note/Disclaimer: Set after SPN 4.12, “Criss Angel is a Douchebag.” Sadly, none of these pretty boys belong to us. Rated R for lots of swearing. Mainly in Boston accents. 

Also, Happy Birthday, kalliel! It couldn't be a coincidence that this day was the posting day, now could it? 

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"It Feels Like the First Time"

“It Feels Like the First Time”

Prompt: (by geckoholic at i_speak_tongue's Looking Glass meme) Dean's Deal in AHBL actually wasn't the first time one of the brothers made a demon deal to bring the other one back. Sam did so before him (S1 or pre-series). Bonus points if it figures into S4 and the Apocalypse, and/or if Sam doesn't remember anything about it.

A/N: Title is taken from the song by Foreigner, and further inspiration from “Thru and Thru” by The Rolling Stones, as well as the Season 2 finale of The Sopranos, “Funhouse.”

AU of 1.12, “Faith.”

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