tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"our only nation lives in lucid dreams"

“our only nation lives in lucid dreams”

Prompt: Fever dreams + feverish sex + really disturbing images/waking dreams while having sex but Dean doesn't want to stop, can't stop and maybe the fever's breaking during this faltering sexcapade, sweat's pouring off him, he's delusional, maybe jumpy or scared or terrified or fuck knows what. Would he get held after? Sponged off? Left to sleep? Run from? Do tell me. :)

Wordcount: 1000

A/N: Vague mid-S4 setting, with Katie!Ruby. Quick and dirty beta by kalliel. Thanks, babe, you know what I like. ;) Title from the song "Lucid Dreams" by Franz Ferdinand.

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tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"The Shower Scene"

“The Shower Scene”

A/N: For the hoodie_time tags challenge, for the tag shower/bath sharing. Set during 4.06, “Yellow Fever.” Thanks to kalliel for handholding. <3

Warnings: overtones of quasi-pedophilia, dub-con, what am I even doing

Summary: Souvenir t-shirt: I went to Hell and all I got was this lame demonic raping.

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tonight you&#39;re gonna go down in flames

"beer for my horses"

"beer for my horses"

A/N: Written for the latest round of blindfold_spn, for this prompt: The only way to save Dean from hell is to bind himself to a demon. Ruby, at Sam's urging, steps up to the plate. I want hate sex, preferably against a wall, with Dean tugging on her hair. The binding is completed with Dean drinking a small amount of Ruby's blood. IE: Dean/Ruby hate sex, hair pulling, and some small blood drinking.

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tonight you&#39;re gonna go down in flames

podfic: "sesame seeds" by kalliel

So, kalliel and I were talking, mainly about how much we love the SPN demons and their demony vices voices, and so I decided to take my Ruby voice out for a test drive (she's an '86 Corvette, btw) on one of her fics. 

Title: "sesame seeds" (story link here)
Author: kalliel
Podfic: here at megaupload for now
Reader: vie_dangerouse
Summary: Set at some point after 4.10, "Heaven and Hell." Sam sees how run-down and exhausted Dean's been looking, and all he wants to do is give him one good meal. Memories of his summer with Ruby interfere. 
tonight you&#39;re gonna go down in flames

"just like jesse james"

“just like jesse james”

A/N: Set after 5.14, “My Bloody Valentine.” “Companion” piece to “Running With the Devil.” And by “companion,” I’m talking that they’re about as related as the first Narnia books were to the middle ones. I’m not entirely certain. In my head, they were supposed to be parallels, but I’m not sure if they turned out at all like I was planning. Title from the song by Cher.

Summary: Sam's in the panic room. Dean's panicking and feverish. Ruby's doing monologues like she thinks she's in a one-woman show of Richard III. Wait, wasn't she supposed to be dead? 

Wordcount: 1600

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tonight you&#39;re gonna go down in flames

The LSAT: One Hell of a Test

Oh boy. Taking my own prompts, once again. Taking my own prompts and using them to draw hideous pictures... this is just a whole new level of... what, I don't even know.

Anyway. This is for a prompt on the current hoodie_time meme, where I rambled a whole bunch about wondering about what Sam's LSAT day was like, and what would happen if Dean came stumbling in in the middle of the exam all blood-loss-y and delirious... and Sam would have to choose between saving his brother and the oh-so-enticing STANFORD! LAW SCHOOL! LIFE PLAN THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF BLOODSHED!. Yep.

*Note: Yes, I realize exactly how unrealistic this scenario is. WORK WITH ME, OKAY. I bet the ladies who proctored my LSAT would've let Dean in. Maybe. As long as he had a number two pencil on him somewhere.
this could be heaven or this could be he

H/C bingo! (aka, the zombie apocalypse is nigh)


(Let's hope this works because it's in HTML and HTML hates me)...

Is it truly terrible that this whole thing kind of makes me want to write an epic crack!fic that incorporates them ALL?

*ETA: Yep, that's what I'm doing. A crack!plot (hah! puns, I love them) has formed in the yawning abyss I generally call my mind, so look forward someday before December 31 to the crackiest crack!fic about the zombie apocalypse/serial killers/toothaches to ever hit the SPN fandom. (Note: I'm saying that because I'm pretty sure that's never happened before. If it has and you know of it, feel free to correct me.) ;)

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Yay? There are a lot of things that excite me here. Mainly 'zombie apocalypse' and 'serial killers'. :D