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No End in Sight: Aka, Master Fic Post.

No End in Sight: Aka, the MASTER FIC POST. 

Apparently, I feel the need to title everything after classic rock songs. Ah well. 

I'm finally to that point where I feel like things need to be organized a bit more around here... hence, Fic Master Post time. (Cue possible tapping of drumsticks by John Bonham... or Tico Torres? Sorry.) 

Firstly, a brief introduction to my fic- I'm the Queen of the Crossroads at the conjunction of Angst and Obscure References. Beyond that, Dean is always sick. Basically, I have a ton of fun writing these fics and I just want to share the sick!Dean love. ... While making really obscure references, many of which have to do with Stephen King. And also having a lot of angst. That is all. 

Original Quasi- series: Aka, back when I first started writing fanfic, and I said I was only going to write ONE story for each season. You can see how well that turned out. As of 6/11, the Season 3 story is being published in the fanzine Route 666, but it may eventually show up here too. All of these stories are about 10,000 words. 

You Got to Breathe, Man, Breathe- S1, after 1.15, "The Benders." The boys hunt the Hodag, a creature native to northern Wisconsin. Dean gets bronchitis. Lots of brotherly snark. Not too much angst. 

Was It You That Said, 'How Long'?- S2, after 2.03, "Bloodlust." The boys go after that chupacabra Gordon tried to pass off on them. They're both still dealing with their dad's death, and Dean gets sick again.

I Like Hammering Nails & Speaking in Tongues- S4, after 4.10, "Heaven and Hell." I went with the whole 'lost immunities' angle. Mostly so that Dean could be sick a whole bunch of times in one story. There is a vague casefic in there, too, but really, let's get serious. It's a machination for sick Dean. And post-Hell angst.  

Shorter Stories: All of my other SPN stories. They range from about 1,000- 5,000 words.  

Shot Through the Heart- S2, directly after 2.14, "Born Under a Bad Sign." Dean + gunshot wound + airplane = not good. Dean unsuccessfully tries to hide an infected gunshot wound after the events of 2.14. Because we all know that you can't fall into a dirty, COLD lake with a fresh gunshot wound and walk away fine. Nooooo. 

Religion for the Night- S4. An extended remix of 4.08, "Wishful Thinking." 

Russian Roulette (x2)- My first foray into *ahem* Wincest. Sam & sick Dean and a gun in bed. Also tags to a story of the same title with my original characters, because they got all jealous of Sam and Dean and had to join in. 

Thunderstruck- coda to 5.22, "Swan Song." ANGST. 

Sweet Child O' Mine- S4. Dean is hit with a de-aging curse. At first, Sam flounders at suddenly having to take care of a kid, but after Dean gets sick, Sam comes into his own as a "big" brother and finally gives Dean some of that love he was so lacking in S4. ANGST. 

Communication Breakdown- Set after 4.02, "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester," to address JA's laryngitis during that ep. Dean comes back and immediately gets the cold from Hell. 

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- S2, during 2.19, "Folsom Prison Blues." Dean fakes sick to get into the infirmary while they're investigating, but it turns out that he's actually sick and hiding it from Sam. Lots of brotherly banter. 

Givin' the Dog a Bone- plotless schmoop in which a sick, dizzy Dean wears Sam's iconic dog shirt. 

Nobody's Fault But Mine- more plotless schmoop in which Dean gets the flu after refusing to get a flu shot. Sam/Dean. 

Don't Stop Believin'- tag to 6.03, "The Third Man." Dean gets sick. Sam doesn't care. ANGST. 

Foreplay/Long Time- S4, set after 4.11, "Family Remains." Angsty Sam/Dean first time. Chinese translation by dreamerkimo now available on the Chinese SPN forum

Have a Drink On Me- pre-series, Dean gets alcohol poisoning on Halloween night. Outsider POV.

We Didn't Start the Fire- S5. Sam and Bobby are working a case, and a sick, sleepy Dean tries to "help" by falling asleep on Bobby's couch and snazzy downstairs bed. Numerous times. PLUS: Bonus smexy version.

Down the Only Road I've Ever Known (November, Again remix)- S6, remix of twirlycurls' fic "November Again." Sam makes one last deal for Dean. ANGST.

It's Just a Shot Away- S6, tag to 6.01, "Exile on Main Street," and a continuation of sorts of my 5.22 coda, "Thunderstruck." A very angsty alternate take on Sam and Dean's reunion.

More Than a Feeling- S3, directly after 3.01, "The Magnificent Seven." Dean gets cursed with the mal de ojo. Sam is metaphorically Nancy Drew. Much snark ensues.

Hot-Blooded- S3, after 3.09, "Malleus Malificarum." Dean and Ruby hook up. Also, Y2K comes ten years late, frogs fall from the sky, and the Apocalypse gets a jumpstart. But none of those things are central to the story. ANGST.

It's My Life (It's Now or Never)- S3, after 3.12, "Jus in Bello." Oh no, there's a sequel. In which Dean is dying and Ruby finds her Ilsa Lund groove.

Comfortably Numb- S4. Dean remembers Hell, and why he did what he did for Sam. Sam/Dean.

now we're here and it turns to chaos- S5, set in the 5.04 "The End" 'verse. Zachariah was supposed to come and collect Dean in three days' time. Dean was supposed to shove the lesson down his throat and keep it down until he could get back. He wasn't supposed to swallow it.  ANGST. Podfic version here, read by me!

and if the dam breaks open- S5, AU after 5.01, "Sympathy for the Devil." Dean says yes to Michael, but loses his voice in the process. ANGST. 

Paranoid- S4, post 4.16, "On the Head of a Pin." Outsider POV, all-dialogue story. A couple staying in the room next door to the boys overhears a demon exorcism gone awry.

No Quarter- S4, post 4.11, "Family Remains." Feverish Dean dreams of Alastair and Hell. Sam's more concerned with getting his next demon blood hit. ANGST. 

Heat of the Moment- S3, tag to 3.12, "Jus in Bello." Dean wakes up to find someone unexpected mopping his feverish brow and shoving Vicodin down his throat. Yeah. You know who.

Achilles' Last Stand- S6, dealing with Dean's functional alcoholism.

The Best of Both Worlds, Part 3- S2. Crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Dean is an intergalactic man-whore. And he's not going to let a bad cold stop him from seducing the entire Enterprise-D crew.

on a dark desert highway- S4. In Hell, Alastair's the teacher, and Dean and Meg are the students. There can only be one favorite. (Warnings for non-con, torture, blood, and general twistedness.)

It Feels Like the First Time- S1, AU of 1.12, "Faith." Dean's deal in 2.22 wasn't the first time one of the brothers made a demon deal.

The Returned- cowritten with the amazing i_speak_tongue for the spn_cinema crossover challenge. Crossover with the film "The Departed." When the Winchesters get a call from a mob boss up in Boston, they know that this salt'n'burn is going to be one hell of a ride- that is, if they make it out alive. Set after 4.12, "Criss Angel is a Douchebag." 

Losing My Religion- S2, coda to 2.22, "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II." Written for the silverbullets challenge for the prompt 'o brother where art thou.' Dean crashes hard after his deal in 2.22. Sam tells him stories to make it better.

Freedom at Point Zero- S6, tag to 6.19, "Mommy Dearest." Written for the Running Hot feverfic meme, for the prompt 'Dean gets sick after the Jefferson Starship incident. Sam and/or Bobby watch him like a hawk.' 

Running With the Devil- S3 (post 3.09, "Malleus Malificarum")/AU-S5. Sam said yes. The repercussions reverberate back to the past. Dean/Ruby.  

just like jesse james- S5, tag to 5.14, "My Bloody Valentine." "Companion" to Running With the Devil. Sam's in the panic room. Dean's panicking and feverish. Ruby's doing monologues like she thinks she's in a one-woman show of Richard III. Wait, wasn't she supposed to be dead?

beer for my horses- S3, AU 3.16. The only way to save Dean from Hell is to perform a demon binding ritual. Ruby reluctantly steps up to the plate. Hatesex ensues. Dean/Ruby. Written for the fifth round of blindfold_spn.  

Cujo-'verse: The boys + Stephen King. Crosses are being turned upside down and priests are being thrown from churches, because there is more in theworks, everyone. You should be afraid. 

So the Story Goes- S4. The boys investigate a strange case in Bangor, ME- aka, where Stephen King lives. The case involves re-enactments of events from some of SK's books. The story involves copious amounts of SK referencing. Naturally, Dean is sick. Sam is bitchy. There is a lot of angst. Oh, and Sam gets Dean to "rest" by renting some of those god-awful film adaptations of SK's books. 

Supernatural Superserious- S4. Sequel to "So the Story Goes." Stephen King has a ghost problem in his house. Who do you think he's going to call? No, it's not the Ghostbusters. Sam and Dean investigate, and during their investigation, Dean comes down with a strange supernatural illness.

Misery (the Bad Medicine remix)- S5, after 5.13, "The Song Remains the Same." Misery, retold with Dean starring as Paul Sheldon, and, uh, Kathy Bates starring as Annie. ETA: now including lovely art and outtake!  

RPF: We all know I'm a dirty liar and I want desperately to write more of this. Currently I'm resisting but I can't say that I'll be able to forever. 

Good Times Bad Times- based on Jensen's tonsillitis anecdote from the SF Con in Jan. 2011. Set during the filming of 1.11, "Scarecrow," Jensen gets a nasty case of tonsillitis and finds out how much the crew (especially Kim Manners) really cares for him.

Don't Stop Me Now- based on the fact that Jensen was sick at the SF Con in Jan. 2011. Set during the filming of 6.16. 

SPN SNARK: I'm working on more of this, too. Basically, when you love something this much, you have to make fun of it a little. Or, in my case, a lot. 


The Vampire Diaries:
Dammit. Have some angsty Damon/Elena.

and we drown- post 2.22, Elena has a death wish. Damon's still reeling from the events of 2.22.

the far field- post 2.22. Elena still has a death wish. This time, she decides to do something about it.

all fires fail- yet another 2.22 coda. There are always choices, except for when there aren't.

this is a gift, it comes with a price- post-2.22, only one person remembers Elena's birthday. It's not who she would've expected. Elena/Alaric. 

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