December 13th, 2020

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No End in Sight: Aka, Master Fic Post.

No End in Sight: Aka, the MASTER FIC POST. 

Apparently, I feel the need to title everything after classic rock songs. Ah well. 

I'm finally to that point where I feel like things need to be organized a bit more around here... hence, Fic Master Post time. (Cue possible tapping of drumsticks by John Bonham... or Tico Torres? Sorry.) 

Firstly, a brief introduction to my fic- I'm the Queen of the Crossroads at the conjunction of Angst and Obscure References. Beyond that, Dean is always sick. Basically, I have a ton of fun writing these fics and I just want to share the sick!Dean love. ... While making really obscure references, many of which have to do with Stephen King. And also having a lot of angst. That is all. 

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