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SPN LA Con Report

Supernatural Convention Report: LA Con- 4 March 2012

*This portion of the con report was prepared by vie_dangerouse (Emma), with descriptions of things that she and kalliel (Mika) did, and/or spiritual revelations experienced by them during the con. These may or may not have had to do with seeing Jensen Ackles’ face in person.

** ONLY EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS LATER, I FINALLY FINISH THIS THING. Lolol I have been working on this report since the first week of March. 

Saturday night: We arrive in LA and go to a play and then out to dinner at a ridiculously late hour, at a diner (The Apple Pan) of the persuasion that Sam and Dean might frequent, even though Sam would roll his eyes. I have a feeling that Sam probably gets eyestrain more than normal people do. They had apple pie there, in huge slices, and Mika and I shared one, “for Dean.” We also ended up randomly discussing actors who don’t seem to age, for example, Robert Sean Leonard, and “Jensen Ackles! Just think, Mika, in a few years, you won’t even be able to LOOK at his face, it’ll be so resplendent!”

After that, we are very tired, so we go to a family friend’s house to sleep, and crash. Instead of dreaming about Jensen Ackles naked, I dream about giving swimming lessons, teaching gymnastics, and teaching middle school (all things which I do, but not all at once, generally!). Mika dreams about refereeing soccer. Obviously, we need to work on our lucid dreaming techniques.

Sunday morning: Mika and I wake up at 7:30, although we don’t plan on leaving for the convention until after 10. Instead of getting up, we lie on the couch and whisper to each other about Supernatural. This conversation mainly revolves around episodes of Season 5 which we disliked (Swap Meat, grrrr), and why Show should bring back Meg. And also Ruby. Finally, we decide that it would be prudent to actually get up, and we get dressed. Mika wears a Chevrolet t-shirt and I wear a Def Leppard t-shirt and copious amounts of jewelry. Our outfits are finished off by badass black leather boots, of varieties which Meg would approve of. We are then fed a gigantic breakfast, and we head out for the con. I am now starting to get butterflies the closer we get to the hotel where the con is taking place.

Sunday afternoon: We arrive at the convention, and get our wristbands. We see fangirls everywhere, and were heretofore unaware that there were so many different varieties of Supernatural t-shirts. Since we want to see Richard Speight Jr. and Jim Beaver’s panel first, we get in line right away, and soon are allowed to enter the conference hall. Since we are poor liberal arts students/graduates, we get to sit in the back, but we can still see pretty well. We look around at everything and everyone, and are somewhat stunned by the relative normalcy of everyone (thus far, anyway). My parents have been making fun of me all week, asking me if my ‘costume is ready yet’, but we don’t see anyone in costume. (Later on, we do see a girl dressed as the Impala, but we think she is incredibly badass. She is in all black leather, and has a real Chevrolet logo (like off a car!) strapped to her leg, and the Impala’s license number affixed to the back of her jacket.) Mainly, there are lots of girls dressed up (apparently, I was not alone in my “maybe Jensen will see me across the convention room and forget his wife and come running into my arms” fantasy), or in Supernatural-related t-shirts. There are even some Supernatural families with fanparents and fankids, and then some older ladies as well, and even some guys! I will not speculate too hard here as to why they were there, but I hypothesize it may have had something to do with sexual persuasion or, uh, their significant others withholding sex if they didn’t take them.

Since we are there early, Mika and I take the opportunity to fangirl around and take pictures. My favorite is the one where I tried to be cool and stand with one foot against the wall, but the resultant image merely makes me look one-legged.

Me: Does that pose make me look one-legged? Mika: (laughing) Yes. Me: I lost it in a hunting accident, okay?!

Mika and I really cannot tell why anyone would want to pay a zillion dollars to get their pictures taken with J2 or Jim Beaver or anyone, really, when they could just do the free photo ops like we did! We had just as much fun. However, we did discuss later that we would pay a great deal to have our pictures taken with Rachel Meiner.

Soon after the free photo ops, everyone starts filing in from the expensive photo ops, and we go back to our seats to sit on our hands and spill our little cups of water (hotel carpet is absorbent) and eeeeeee very loudly inside our heads. Apparently, one of the Meet & Greets goes long, so we have to wait longer for Jim Beaver and Richard Speight Jr.’s panel, but it is worth it. Before the panel starts, we are shown a “professionally made” mashup video set to “Soldiers.” The take was a little literal (e.g., showing Sam and Dean touching each others’ shoulders when the lyric “shoulder to shoulder” came on), but I ADORED IT REGARDLESS.

After the video, Jim Beaver and Richard Speight Jr. come out, and instead of just sitting up in the front, RSJ (abbreviated henceforth) takes his mike and works the crowd for the questions. I don’t ask any questions since I feel like my SPN headcanon takes care of most of it, but later I do wish that I had asked my question, which felt lame at the time, but now I feel as if I MUST KNOW. (For posterity: “Where do Sam and Dean sleep when they’re at Bobby’s house? I know in 4.02 they slept on the floor, but since they basically LIVED THERE FOR ALL OF SEASONS FIVE THROUGH EIGHTEEN, I SUSPECT A BED MIGHT HAVE BECOME INVOLVED AT SOME POINT.”)

I didn’t pay very good attention to the questions that were asked, since everyone seemed obsessed with asking things that either a) I didn’t care about or b) did not relate to Jensen Ackles, which, see a). Regardless, some quotes:

RSJ: “Are you the broad who made out with Rick Worthy?” (Apparently, some chick had a photo op with this dude, who apparently played the Head Vamp something or other during Season 6, and decided to kiss him, and they got into it right there. XD)

“I am the most promiscuous and unfaithful homosexual in the cast, which is saying something.”

“Jim Beaver’s been on the show since 1986.”

And from Jim Beaver: [when asked how Bobby would come back, ideally] “Sheriff Mills gives me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

[on Keira Knightley]: “For a guest spot on the CW, I’m sure she’d be free…” [when asked about his ideal co-star]

During this time, Mika and I decide (since our burning question about WHERE DO THEY SLEEP AND IS IT A DOUBLE BED is never answered) that all of Bobby’s books came from the Cerebral Palsy Thrift Store [for clarification: someone asked where Bobby’s books came from, which Jim Beaver misinterpreted as literally, where do the set people get the books, and Mika looked at me and was like, “The Cerebral Palsy Thrift Store!” Which is a truly delightful thrift store we frequented earlier that week. You’d have to be there. XD]

Anyway, after the Jim/RSJ Show, comes the main event, which, honestly, is what we are all here for, I AM SURE, except for this one lady we saw wearing a t-shirt that said “PROPERTY OF BOBBY SINGER” or something similar.

Mika and I are both a little embarrassed at just how much our heart rates go up when Jensen comes out onstage. If he doesn’t find acting work after SPN is over, he could be employed in a cardiac ward as a replacement for difibrillation paddles.

I am starting to see why girls fainted when they saw the Beatles, and all of them put together aren’t half as attractive as Jensen Ackles.

Some quotes from the J2 panel:

Jared [talking about a photo op where the fan hugged him, quoting fan]: “the Devil hugged me!”

Jared on fans’ reactions to having women on the show: “Keep those sluts away from our boys!!”

Honestly, these two are hilarious. And gorgeous. And gorgeous. And gorgeous.

I text Mika, who I am SITTING NEXT TO, “Mika they are so gloriousssssssssss” and she replies, “YOU ARE GLORIOUSSSSSS.”

All in all, Mika and I decide that we would watch an entire show revolving around various scenes of Sam and Dean standing up and sitting down. (Aka, that is how much we love them.)

The J2 panel is over all too quickly, and then we decide to hang around for the last panel of the convention, which is with the little girl who played Krissy in that one episode with the girl named Krissy. (XP I don’t remember which! 7.06, maybe?) Before the panel, we sit in on a bit of a truly ludicrous auction in which people pay upwards of $300 for posters that are signed by the actors, and other items. By the time Madison (the girl who played Krissy)’s panel is ready to start, there are not very many people left, so we decide that it would be okay to move up closer to the front so that we can see her a little better. We go to a mostly-deserted row of seats several rows back from the front, and sit down. We are there maybe fifteen seconds when this larger, older woman leans over to me and says, [nasal voice] “Do you know that these seats are reserved for GOLD TICKETS?”

And I say yes. And then she’s like, “Well, do you HAVE gold tickets?” And I say no, but it’s the end of the convention and we thought that since there weren’t very many people left, we could move up a little to see better.

And then the lady was all, “Well, I didn’t pay FIVE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS for this seat to have people who don’t have GOLD TICKETS sit here. I’m going to go and find someone.”

So then she got up and went and found someone working at the con, who came over and kicked us out and walked us back past Gold Ticket rows A-Z, all the way to the very back of the room.

Holy fuck. I will just mention here that the lady had the ENTIRE ROW OF SEATS to herself, and that there were many, many empty seats near the front. I’m sure there were other “non-GOLD TICKET HOLDERS” sitting up there, too. XP We are a bit affronted, since we weren’t bothering anyone, and just wanted to actually hear Madison’s panel, since we think she is super cute! Ah well. SOME PEOPLE. Mika says, “Obviously that lady didn’t feel justified in spending that money, since she had to prove her worth by kicking us out.” XP TRUFAX.

Anyway, despite the small bump in the road near the end, we had a fabulous SPN Con experience! (And seriously, when have the Winchesters not had bumps in the road? And by bumps I mean mountains?)

<3333333333333333333333333333333333 Emma & Mika

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