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CERN particle accelerator-by

So, a drive-by post is where you post something quick because you are busy, etc etc. Well. This is a CERN particle accelerator-by, since that's faster than a car, and also I just like mentioning CERN as much as possible. 

Moving beyond that, though, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for being completely MIA for the last few weeks, and even longer than that for writing anything fanfiction-y. Despite having fewer credits this semester than I have ever had, this has somehow managed to be the semester where I have something crammed into every second of every day. Many/most of these things are things that I enjoy greatly, though, so I'm definitely having fun. 

Firstly, I have decided on where I am applying Early Decision (e.g., a binding contract) for law school, and I have one backup school. I am fairly certain that everyone here already knows that I live in the Midwest, so, whatever, Wisconsin and Minnesota are my choices, in that order. I have been pondering for a long time, but it feels like the right decision. At Madison, I'll also be able to take graduate courses in Spanish (for free!) each semester, so that I can continue with that, which makes me incredibly excited. 

Otherwise, my schoolwork has been less 'overwhelming' (as have been other semesters), but more 'constant.' I am greatly enjoying all of it (well, besides Don Quixote, but I grow ever more convinced that the capacity to enjoy that work is an innate characteristic of native Spanish speakers), and I'm actually kind of sad about graduating in December. However, I know that this only leads to bigger and better things... as well as more expensive tuition! ;) 

Beyond that, I do have some fanfiction (one SPN story; one TVD story) that I am hoping to get posted sometime in the next week or so. (Yes, earnmysong! FINALLY!!!!) I don't know if I will be writing any more fanfiction this semester, unless an idea really grabs me. I've been focusing all of my writing time on original fiction, although my love for Dean, Sam, Elena, Damon, and their good friend Angst has not diminished in the least. 

Tags: my semi-charmed life

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