vie_dangerouse (vie_dangerouse) wrote,

podfic: "sesame seeds" by kalliel

So, kalliel and I were talking, mainly about how much we love the SPN demons and their demony vices voices, and so I decided to take my Ruby voice out for a test drive (she's an '86 Corvette, btw) on one of her fics. 

Title: "sesame seeds" (story link here)
Author: kalliel
Podfic: here at megaupload for now
Reader: vie_dangerouse
Summary: Set at some point after 4.10, "Heaven and Hell." Sam sees how run-down and exhausted Dean's been looking, and all he wants to do is give him one good meal. Memories of his summer with Ruby interfere. 
Tags: angst city-population: sam & dean, fever, i eat angst for breakfast, podfic, sick!dean, supernatural

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