vie_dangerouse (vie_dangerouse) wrote,

The LSAT: One Hell of a Test

Oh boy. Taking my own prompts, once again. Taking my own prompts and using them to draw hideous pictures... this is just a whole new level of... what, I don't even know.

Anyway. This is for a prompt on the current hoodie_time meme, where I rambled a whole bunch about wondering about what Sam's LSAT day was like, and what would happen if Dean came stumbling in in the middle of the exam all blood-loss-y and delirious... and Sam would have to choose between saving his brother and the oh-so-enticing STANFORD! LAW SCHOOL! LIFE PLAN THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF BLOODSHED!. Yep.

*Note: Yes, I realize exactly how unrealistic this scenario is. WORK WITH ME, OKAY. I bet the ladies who proctored my LSAT would've let Dean in. Maybe. As long as he had a number two pencil on him somewhere.
Tags: hurt!dean, oy with the poodles already, sam speaks parseltongue, supernatural

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