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Pour Some Sugar On Me: The Sticky Post

Hullo. This is a sticky post. I think. I’m not entirely sure what that means- like people click it and get sucked into a whirling vortex/black hole/that other time-space continuum? Sure. Let’s run with that.

So this is an intro to my fic and me. Well.

Firstly- friends: I like friends! Friend away. I also like to kind of have some general idea about who you are, so if you just comment here, I am very likely to friend back. :)

(Note: Obviously here we can also address how much I love lists and LISTING THINGS UNNECESSARILY. And CAPSLOCK. These things are addictions. I am highly aware.)

Lurking: I’m a perpetual lurker myself, so I totally get that. If you ever want to say hihellobonjourwhatever, feel free. Also, I definitely like to imagine ‘lurker’ being pronounced by some hot Cockney workman guy: “Oi! She’s such a lurker, eh?” which makes it sound ever so much better.

On the fic itself: Supernatural, starring Dean. Okay, Sam too. Guest appearances by Bobby, Man GaGa!Sam (meatsuit S6 Sam), S3!Ruby (THE ONLY RUBY, COME ON), Meg, Alastair, Crowley, etc. I LIKE MY DEMONS, OKAY. All hurt/comfort. If you are looking for the actual comfort, you probably should not look here. But if you find some, do let me know! This is Angst City, and Sam and Dean are permanent residents.

Other general aspects include as many Stephen King references as superhumanly possible, feverishness, aforementioned excessive angst, existentialism, and obscure film/literary/pop culture references, as well as pretending that there is going to be an actual plot when really the story is just a machination to make Dean be sick and hurty and poetically angsty.

Though recently I’ve also been sucked into the Vampire Diaries fandom, so I am slowly adding on some angsty Damon/Elena.

My masterlist can be found here, soon-to-be reorganized by season. :)

Okay. Peace, war, Anna Karenina & other Tolstoyan things. Seacrest out.

Tags: angst city-population: sam & dean, friends friends i like friends, i love caps lock, oy with the poodles already, unnecessary listing

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