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Pour Some Sugar On Me: The Sticky Post

Hullo. This is a sticky post. I think. I’m not entirely sure what that means- like people click it and get sucked into a whirling vortex/black hole/that other time-space continuum? Sure. Let’s run with that.

So this is an intro to my fic and me. Well.

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No End in Sight: Aka, Master Fic Post.

No End in Sight: Aka, the MASTER FIC POST. 

Apparently, I feel the need to title everything after classic rock songs. Ah well. 

I'm finally to that point where I feel like things need to be organized a bit more around here... hence, Fic Master Post time. (Cue possible tapping of drumsticks by John Bonham... or Tico Torres? Sorry.) 

Firstly, a brief introduction to my fic- I'm the Queen of the Crossroads at the conjunction of Angst and Obscure References. Beyond that, Dean is always sick. Basically, I have a ton of fun writing these fics and I just want to share the sick!Dean love. ... While making really obscure references, many of which have to do with Stephen King. And also having a lot of angst. That is all. 

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"Now's The Time, the Time is Now"

“Now’s the Time, the Time is Now”

Disclaimer: I’d be out at the crossroads burying my box as we speak if I thought it would bring me the Winchester boys. Ten years would be plenty. Title is taken from “Ramble On” by Led Zeppelin.

Summary: An experiment with flashbacks in the form of short dialogue from key earlier episodes.

Dean recalls hearing lore about a book written by the Devil, and he believes that it may contain a spell to summon and destroy Lilith. However, a nasty cold on Dean’s part, an hourglass that’s almost run out, and heaps of angst complicate measures. 

Set directly before ep. 3.15, "Time is On My Side." 

Wordcount: Around 10,000.

Author's Note: Honestly, I'm a bit embarrassed by this at this point (since oh-so-high-and-mightily I believe my writing skills may have improved since I wrote it), but I'm re-watching S3 currently with kalliel, so I figured, what the hell. This story was published in the Supernatural fanzine Route 666 last year, so I wasn't able to put it online until after that. Anyway. Here you have it- the adventures of Bitchface and Sundance, otherwise known as the Winchester brothers. 

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SPN LA Con Report

Supernatural Convention Report: LA Con- 4 March 2012

*This portion of the con report was prepared by vie_dangerouse (Emma), with descriptions of things that she and kalliel (Mika) did, and/or spiritual revelations experienced by them during the con. These may or may not have had to do with seeing Jensen Ackles’ face in person.

** ONLY EIGHT THOUSAND YEARS LATER, I FINALLY FINISH THIS THING. Lolol I have been working on this report since the first week of March. 

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my body is a cage: a study in dean winchester

Title: My Body is a Cage
Genre: gen, character study, horror, angst, hurt/comfort
Character: Dean (peripheral Sam, Alistair)
Rating: R
Word Count: ~2500
Notes: This is sort of a multi-media piece--kalliel and vie_dangerouse wrote it, Kalliel did the graphics, and Kalliel, Vie_Dangerouse, and maypoles selected the musical accompaniment!

This character study covers Dean's development in Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7.

There should be a word for the death you've lived.
tonight you're gonna go down in flames

"The Boys of Summer"

“The Boys of Summer”

A/N: So, over the summer, kalliel and I were going to write fic/make a vid based on the song “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” by BRMC. We agreed that it should include Dean/Alastair and our favorite girls, Meg and Ruby. Somehow, my fic turned into… this. Title from the song by Don Henley. Hearts as always to kalliel for beta-ing. <3 

Summary: Snapshots of the summer in between Dean’s death and resurrection.

A/N 2: This fic can also masquerade under the working title, 'OMG I WROTE GEN!RUBY!!!!' 

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"then i set fire to our bed"

“then i set fire to our bed”

Prompt: (from the lovely earnmysong, who is angelic, and also waited patiently for two months (at least!) for me to finally finish this story!) The extent of what I want is E getting super pissed at Ric for leaving. Like, what makes him think she can take care of herself? She's not any better off than he is. Brave faces do not equal fine...that kind of thing. Maybe she drunk-dials him and is like, IS THIS BETTER?!

A/N: Not exactly what I was going for initially, but… semi-angsty hinted Elena/Alaric. Title from “Kiss With a Fist” by Florence + the Machine. Set post-3.01. 

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CERN particle accelerator-by

So, a drive-by post is where you post something quick because you are busy, etc etc. Well. This is a CERN particle accelerator-by, since that's faster than a car, and also I just like mentioning CERN as much as possible. 

Moving beyond that, though, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for being completely MIA for the last few weeks, and even longer than that for writing anything fanfiction-y. Despite having fewer credits this semester than I have ever had, this has somehow managed to be the semester where I have something crammed into every second of every day. Many/most of these things are things that I enjoy greatly, though, so I'm definitely having fun. 

Firstly, I have decided on where I am applying Early Decision (e.g., a binding contract) for law school, and I have one backup school. I am fairly certain that everyone here already knows that I live in the Midwest, so, whatever, Wisconsin and Minnesota are my choices, in that order. I have been pondering for a long time, but it feels like the right decision. At Madison, I'll also be able to take graduate courses in Spanish (for free!) each semester, so that I can continue with that, which makes me incredibly excited. 

Otherwise, my schoolwork has been less 'overwhelming' (as have been other semesters), but more 'constant.' I am greatly enjoying all of it (well, besides Don Quixote, but I grow ever more convinced that the capacity to enjoy that work is an innate characteristic of native Spanish speakers), and I'm actually kind of sad about graduating in December. However, I know that this only leads to bigger and better things... as well as more expensive tuition! ;) 

Beyond that, I do have some fanfiction (one SPN story; one TVD story) that I am hoping to get posted sometime in the next week or so. (Yes, earnmysong! FINALLY!!!!) I don't know if I will be writing any more fanfiction this semester, unless an idea really grabs me. I've been focusing all of my writing time on original fiction, although my love for Dean, Sam, Elena, Damon, and their good friend Angst has not diminished in the least.